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The Etesian Beach Guide

Andros Island is definitely one of the best places to visit in Cyclades Islands, Greece, if you are a lover of nature and tranquillity. Andros has a coastline of 176km and is the second largest island of the Cyclades.

The beaches of Andros meet all the needs and wishes of visitors. There is one for each and everyone because of its diverse coastal zone. There are several beaches on the island. And when we say several, we mean over 150, all considered to be among the best beaches in Greece. Sandy, rocky, deserted, organized, easily accessible, with sunbeds and beach bars, inaccessible through easy or "difficult" roads. Shallow like swimming pools, ideal for family vacations and "adventurous" with crystal clear blue waters.

If you’ve been to the Cyclades before, you will have heard or experienced the Meltemi winds (the Etesians). These strong northern winds are fairly seasonal and are usually strongest around mid-day (13:00), generally lasting from July to August, and occasionally in the early days of September.

If adventure is on top of your list, on particularly windy days, north-facing beaches might be a good fit for you. The winds might blow up the sand and create waves so just keep an eye on your hat and feel the breeze! However, on very windy days, we suggest that you avoid the northern beaches altogether and go to the ones on the south instead; you have to choose among 180 different beaches, so you will definitely never get bored. Try to find the most protected beaches and enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Archipelagos of Aegean!

An important note: some of Andros’ best beaches are only accessible by 4WD, on foot or by boat. For example, the beaches of Achla or Vori located North East of Chora, can’t be easily reached by car.

You can use the embeded map below created by Alex Gardelis & Andreas Chalas to see all the beaches on the island (unfortunately in Greek, but the pictures are international)

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